Cooking with the cannabis flower

About Cooking With Flower

Every part of the cannabis plant can be consumed in some form, from root to tip.

Medicinal marijuana legalization – progress made

As legal access to medical marijuana continues to become a reality throughout the US. As a result, more people than ever are experimenting with different ways of preparing edibles with cannabis extracts.

The focus here is very simple: cooking with the cannabis flower, which is also known as the bud. This is the part of the marijuana plant that is most often smoked. It is also the most widely known, cost-effective and readily available.


If you’ve never made marijuana-infused treats before, a great place to start is “Basic Infusion Recipes.” This is where you’ll go to find recipes such as Cannabutter, CannaOil and Green Dragon Tincture, all infused ingredients needed to make main recipes. Once you’ve infused some of these basic building block ingredients, you’re good to go!


I’ll make it easy for you to use the weed that you can purchase legally in your own home state to make delicious, no fail elevated treats that take you way beyond the pot brownie! You’ll also learn how to dose your edibles so you will feel more confident about eating them.

Enjoy and please contact me anytime with questions or comments. Can’t find a recipe you’d like to see infused? Just suggest it – I love feedback!

– The Baker

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