Cooking with the cannabis flower

About Me

I am a wife, mother of 2, and long-time medicinal cannabis patient. I have experience with the use of medical marijuana in treating the symptoms of PTSD and digestive issues.

Unlike most of my peers in the industry, my relationship with the plant didn’t begin until much later in life. My first “toke” didn’t happen until I was 19 years old, and even then, I didn’t smoke cannabis again until I was 25.

I didn’t partake on a regular basis until several years ago. I was a normal(ish) married mother of two children. While I didn’t judge people for using marijuana – and in fact enjoyed it myself – I was in no hurry to go to prison for buying and smoking weed. Fear kept me away.

Everything changed when my Father-in-law had a stroke that gave him severe nausea and vomiting. It could only be controlled by a drug called Marinol, which is a synthetic marijuana-like drug. I began making him marijuana tincture to give him as a substitute for the Marinol, and it worked wonderfully. He vaped it through his cigarettes for years, and it enabled him to live his remaining years free of nausea and the suffering that it caused him.

Since then I have explored using cannabis to treat my own medical conditions. I applied for and recieved my medical marijuana certification, began making edibles, and have been learning as much about the medicinal uses of cannabis as I can.

Medical Cannabis Advocacy

The Grow Show with Kyle Kushman on Cannabis RadioI also became somewhat of an armchair cannabis advocate. As a writer, I have had the opportunity to contribute to the cannabis advocacy cause through writing and producing over 50 episodes of The Grow Show with Kyle Kushman.

Writing interviews for cannabis industry leaders such as Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Maya Elisabeth, and Sue Sisley enabled me to learn more about the industry than I ever thought possible. It’s a body of work I am extremely proud to present. Through working with Kyle and his lovely wife Susie, I’ve met some amazing people, made some life-long friends, and had some incredible experiences! I’ll never forget my personal joint-rolling lesson backstage at Hempfest, or the jars of beautifully cured Veganically grown bud gifted to me. That job had its perks.

I hope you are enjoying Cooking With Flower as much as I am enjoying creating it. I update it several times a week with new recipes and articles on cannabis preparation. Be sure to bookmark the website so you can find it again, and subscribe to my monthly newsletter for a run-down of all the recipes added each month. Keep on baking, friends!

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